Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost
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, Book # 1
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May 1, 2011
August 7, 2018 August 11, 2018

Unwilling, or unable, to speak, the only person she seems to trust is the young officer who rescued her, Detective Sergeant Lucy Black. Soon afterwards, DS Black is baffled to find herself suddenly moved from a high-profile case involving the kidnapping of another girl, a prominent businessman's teenage daughter.

Black's problems are not only professional: she's caring for her increasingly unstable father, and trying to avoid conflict with her frosty mother - who also happens to be the Assistant Chief Constable. As she struggles to identify the unclaimed child, Black begins to realise that her case and the kidnapping may be linked by events that occurred during the grimmest days of the country's recent history - events that also defined her own troubled childhood.

About the book

Little Girl Lost is the first book in the series about detective Lucy Black, set in Northern Ireland. Lucy is called about a girl who is wandering in the forest near her house, in her pajamas and barefoot; thinking that the girl is Kate McLaughlin, a teenager who disappeared a few days earlier, rushes to the scene. But as soon as she finds the girl she immediately understands that it isn’t Kate, given the age of the child. But who is this girl? Why is she wandering through the snowy woods at that time of the night with blood on her? And what does she have to do with Kate?

I liked the case, it isn’t as “chilling” as I read in the comments on Goodreads, but it is not bad. I like Lucy, a little less her mother who is the Assistant Chief Constable of the police, but Lucy does not want anyone to know about that relationship. I like the fact that she doesn’t want anyone to know about it, it’s a bit cliché but it does not matter, I like it. Lucy must also fight with her father’s senile dementia, a father who often calls her Janet, but who is Janet? She will be crucial for the case.

I like the author’s style, the chapters are short and the speech flows nicely. I have already bought the next two books so I will definitely read them. The story is well articulated, the various connections well made and also the final twist is well thought out. I did not think about it!

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