L’ultimo segreto di Galileo (The Last Secret of Galileo)

L’ultimo Segreto di Galileo
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July 1, 2018 June 6, 2018

The microbiologist Rebecca De Cardinale is involved by Professor Spinelli and his assistant Alessandro Vinci in the search for Galileo's last missing book, in which it is said that the illustrious astronomer theorized a link between epidemics and the movements of meteorites. The clues to find the manuscript are contained in three letters of Galileo found by Spinelli, but when the professor disappears Rebecca and Alessandro take charge of the research, in a relentless struggle against time to prevent a catastrophic epidemic from affecting the entire humanity.

About the book

I haven’t read any Italian authors for years, I don’t know why I don’t consider the plots at all when I see that the author has the same nationality, maybe I find them not macabre, so I still have to find that author who lets me say “wow this which is a real good book”.

In this book we travel around Italy, looking for a book that was most probably written by Galileo in which he explained his theory of astral motions by linking it to epidemics.

In general, I liked the story except for some things.

First of all, it is impossible that a microbiologist doesn’t know who Torricelli is… She went to the university so she knows… In fact, it is very probable that she even went to a high school so she must know it from there too, let’s not fool around please dear author… (I wonder if he knows who he is …)

Those who read my reviews, are probably tired of reading this: I don’t like when the main character gets involved in something criminal!!! But why have I only read such books lately?

I like the historical part, since I have a scientific mind, everything I like about science and having studied Galileo in philosophy too, this book takes me back to the high school time.

Who was the murderer was obvious, from the beginning, that Rebecca, but also Alessandro, were not involved was clear, it was too easy to find out why they weren’t, from how the facts were told.

I did not like the fact that the plague of the 600s was carried by a meteorite … if this were not there the book could be worth 5 stars but with this common place no.

Another thing that I did not like is the fact that the author presents the classic figure of the woman who everyone and everything makes fun of. But damn it, Rebecca must necessarily be presented as the canon of beauty that she can’t resist, not one professor but two? No thanks, let’s change the tone of these stories thanks!

I read this book for the popsugar challenge of 2018 (I know I review it a little late), prompt “book written by a local author”. The author is not really local but he’s Italian and is the most local author I can find since I don’t read Italian authors that much.

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