May Book Haul

Since February 2016 I read books with my Kobo eReader. I didn’t like it at first but I had to come to this compromise because I didn’t have any more space in my library. I’m a book addicted and I don’t know how many books I bought since last year because of discounts and promotions on the Kobo website. Thankfully I have them all in “one book”.

I bought 6 books in May here they are:

After the Storm by Linda Catillo.

This is the seventh book in Kate Burkholder Series. I like reading series of books, my passion of series started with Lincoln Rhyme, even if I didn’t know it was a series at first (I was too young to know about American writers and Internet wasn’t so popular, so no research), so I try to look for books that don’t end with one, but keep going. I was reading another series ^_^ and the second book of Linda Castillo was in the suggested section and I liked the sammery but as usual I don’t read the book if it isn’t the first of the series so I searched for the first and started a new series. This was on my wishlist for long but since I was buying some promotional books, and since I’m almost done with the previous books, I had to have it, just like the two following books.

Bones Are Forever and Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs.

These are book #15 and #16 of Temperance Brennan Series. I bought book #17 in a 80% off promotion a long time ago and those two were in my wishlist for long but the price was always so high! At the end, like the previous one I said “well, Laura, you read book #14, you must buy them, too”. I started this series after watching Bones on TV, I usually don’t read after watching, I usually read and then watch but the series was already going when I found out it came from books, so…  8-)

The Square of Revenge, From Burges with Love and The Fourth Figure by Pieter Aspe.

These are book #1, #3 and #4 of Van In Series. It’s a new series for me, I bought them because there were in promotion so I will review them after reading. Obviously I’m missing book 2 because it was still too expensive for me (why they discount some books and not the previous ones is beyond me, just as why they don’t translate in order but I digress and this is another story which I could talk about for hours!).

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