May Recap

So let’s see what happened in May. First of all I decided to post book reviews weekly and not biweekly until I have reviews planned (yeah I’m slaking a bit in reading). So General Posts like this will be only once a month if I have something to report or we have 5 Wednesday and not 4.

As I said I’m slaking… I haven’t finished a book since April 5… I also did have a “no will to read” last year, in April, so I don’t know what’s about this month that makes me stop reading.

I’m still watching videos and performances about two Canadian ice dance Olympic champions and it seems I can’t watch enough times… (I think I’ve watched their golden performance 100 times, not to count the free dance before that – Latch – which is my favorite – or Prince – ).

May is full of birthdays, including mine and it’s the month previous to the school books rush for summer time homework (yes we get books during the 3-month-summer-vacation especially in elementary school) so I will soon help my aunt in her book store.

Nothing more to report.

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