Mini Review: The Boy in the Headlights

Gutten som elsket rådyr
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September 2018
October 15, 2021 October 19, 2021
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Winter 1999. An old man is driving home when his headlights catch an animal on the empty road up ahead. He stamps hard on the brakes. But it is not an animal at all. It is a young boy, frightened and alone, with a set of deer antlers strapped firmly to his head.

Fourteen years later, a body is found in a mountain lake. Within weeks, three people have died. Each time, the killer has left a clue, inviting Special Investigations Detectives Munch and Krüger to play a deadly game – a game they cannot possibly win. Against the most dangerous and terrifying kind of serial killer. One who chooses their victims completely at random.

To find the killer they must look deep within their own dark pasts, but how can you stop a murderer when you cannot begin to predict their next move?

About the book

The body of a young woman is found in a lake by a little boy who can finally go fishing with his father. Mia is about to leave for the Caribbean, Munch lives with his ex-wife to be close to his daughter after the events of the last book. Due to the new case, the team is reunited.

What I think

This is also a mini review because I don’t really know what to say about this book. There are two cases. The first is linked to the serial killer and the second is linked to a corrupt cop (the second may not even be there).

I liked the book, but the ending is too short. I mean, the book is long and full of twists, more or less, but why is the ending so fast? The book is so long (and it’s okay) that, in the end, I didn’t remember that there was that person whom I don’t tell you anything about. I explain better. At the beginning we know about something and that something is picked up at the end but between the beginning and the end there is so much stuff to tell that the reason is lost. And the whole thing is explained too quickly compared to the whole book.

Also I have 3000 questions! I know I can use my imagination but I’m not satisfied. And then why the secret services? That is, the case in the background is even less explained than the rest.

For this I gave 4 stars because the case was worth 5 but explained in this way wasn’t.

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