Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2019

Here another challenge for 2019. I have a pile of books that need to be read because, you know, I’ve already bought them, so this reading challenge is right for me. You can find the challenge with all the rules here.

I counted how many books I physically have that I want to read (I have other that I’m not sure) and I counted 23 so for now I’ll try to reach Mount Blanc: Read 24 books from your TBR pile/s which seems appropriate since I’m Italian…

For this challenge, too, I need to remember to use #MountTBR2019 when I’m talking about a book in this pile…

This is my pile – Title in Italian (Title in English):

  • La perfezione del male (A perfect evil)
  • Alaska (Her Darkest Nightmare)
  • Alibi di Ferro (Ashes to Ashes)
  • Chi è senza peccato (The Dry)
  • Connessioni di Sangue (The Wire In the Blood)
  • Cospirazione Monna Lisa (no English title)
  • Il giorno dopo domani (The Day After Tomorrow)
  • Il direttore di notte (The Night Manager)
  • Il tormento degli altri (The Torment of Others)
  • Incubo di famiglia (Liv)
  • La ragazza scomparsa (Lost Girls)
  • La verità delle ossa (Speaking in Bones)
  • La vittima perfetta (The Night Stalker)
  • Le ragazze perdute di Otter Creek (no English title)
  • L’ospite inatteso (The Missing Ones)
  • L’ultima tentazione (The Last Temptation)
  • Melodia Fatale (no English title)
  • Preda 39 (Stalkers)
  • Quelle belle ragazze (Pretty Girls)
  • Scia di Sangue (The Kept Woman)
  • Una morte perfetta (Play Dead)
  • Una strada oscura (Down a Dark Road)
  • Sono qui (Cambiato titolo in L’ho ucciso io) (Homesick)
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