Murder at the Filmore

Murder at the Filmore
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, Book # 1
Poisoned Pen Press
July 8th 2018
November 9, 2022 November 12, 2022
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A murder has occurred at the Filmore Hotel, one of Madison, Wisconsin's most discreet lakeside resorts. It looks cut and dry: a suspect fleeing the scene, a scorned wife, a mythical murder weapon.

But then a retired detective by the name of Virginia Holmes arrives. There's more to this mystery than meets the eye… and the murderer might still be inside the hotel.

What I think

I liked the case, even if it was very simple in the sense that it was obvious that what the police thought, was not true. But at least Holmes’s character is as particular as the one from which the author draws inspiration.

I like that it’s narrated by a writer, like the series from which it takes inspiration where Watson wants to write the exploits of Holmes (Sherlock). And the “detectives” are women, therefore an extra plus.

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