My Trip to Amalfi Coast – Part 3

Here’s Part 1, Part 2.

Today I’m posting the last part of my Amalfi Coast trip. We’re not on the coast anymore, actually we aren’t even in the same region as before but for continuity I’m going to call this post with the same title as before.

We left Ischia in the middle of the sea and we’re back in the continent. Today it’s a Friday and we need to move towards Viterbo. While traveling we stopped to have lunch in a restaurant near Rome, close to Colli Albani. We arrived in Viterbo late in the afternoon.

We checked in to the 4 stars hotel even (if I think it was more a 2 stars but at least the rooms were ginormous) and relaxed a bit before heading to dinner. And guess what? there was karaoke that night (and I hate eating with too much noise or music, you know, when you need to yell so the person closest to you can hear you? Yep that’s how it was – and I repeat I hate it – ) so we ate and escaped to our room (but since we were quite tired from all the trip it wasn’t a bad idea…). The next morning after breakfast (a commercial breakfast, nothing to compare to the one we had in Maiori, for this reason I say 2-star-hotel…) we met with the guide who took us around the city.

I need to say that I didn’t pay much attention because it was so rushed that we lost a few people and because the tiredness of the previous days.

I remember the guide talked about a Saint and I have her statue pictures, I remember she was young but not the name… oh yes Rosa. There is a big parade with her statue late in August and beginning of September where men take her around the city called “Macchina di Santa Rosa” and it was quite fascinating (and the only thing I actually remember).

Then we moved to the “Palazzo dei Papi” and the view from up there was quite amazing. I remember the statue in the middle of the park which was quite particular.

By noon we moved to Lake Bolsena to have  lunch at the same place we went a few years back during our trip in Rome. And there, too, I ate divinely. The lake was so peaceful and the day was sunny and hot.

While coming back we saw Orvieto from afar which is another city that I want to visit but the city is too small in the photos I took to show it to you.

And that’s it. My trip to the South of Italy is done. Still missing the food though.

Here’s the links to the photo albums: Viterbo, Bolsena (you can see pictures from the previous trip here, too).

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