Need a new obsession

Ok, I’ve made the caps of the new episode even if it wasn’t worth it… so guys I need a new obsession because NCIS won’t be back in my fall schedule, it’s too boring and it’s not going where I’d like it to go… Have any TV-show to suggest?

I need to go out but when I come home I’m going to finish the textures and maybe begin the brushes. I won’t change all the caps because I will take them down if I’m really leaving NCIS (depends on the last anti-tiva episodes, sorry but I can’t call them tiva as the spoilers say if this is what is going to happen).


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1 coffee on “Need a new obsession

  1. Unfortunately (or not), I don’t watch TV, so I can’t give you any advice.

    But I just came to say that your layout is adorable <3

    Okay I’m off to stalk through the site now. ^^

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