Next Door

Next Door
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October 2nd 2018
October 27, 2021 October 30, 2021
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FBI Evidence Response Team intern Chloe Fine, 27, finds herself forced to confront her own dark past when her troubled twin sister needs her help—and when a body turns up dead in her small, suburban town.

Chloe feels life is finally perfect as she moves back into her home town, and into a new house with her fiancé. Her career with the FBI looks promising, and her wedding is on the horizon.

But, she learns, all is not as it seems in suburbia. Chloe begins to see the underside—the gossip, the secrets, the lies—and she finds herself haunted by her own demons: her mother’s mysterious death when she was 10, and her father’s imprisonment.

And when a fresh body is found, Chloe soon realizes that her past, and this small town, might hold the key to solving both.

An emotionally wrought psychological suspense with layered characters, small-town ambiance and heart-pounding suspense, NEXT DOOR is book #1 in a riveting new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

About the book

Chloe Fine is a trainee on the FBI research team and returns to live in her small hometown with her boyfriend. Here she meets her old high school friends and she soon realises that gossip is going around in a small town. She also lost her mother when she was 10 years old, apparently killed by her father who is, in fact, serving his sentence in prison. Chloe has a twin sister, Danielle, who has never been the same after her mum’s death and she’s jumping from relationship to relationship, but it seems that she has met the man of her life. Obviously, as soon as Chloe arrives in her hometown, a corpse is found, and it could be the key to discovering what really happened to her mother.

What I think

The book is very nice, I like the fact that there is a case in the past involving the protagonist, the fact that they are twin sisters and that that case from the past is not properly solved for Chloe. The ending is also not bad and how the case is solved is not so trivial. But the Italian is to be reviewed. I don’t know how many mistakes I’ve encountered. Among otehrs, the protagonist’s sister is called Daniela when she is Danielle. Last names without capital letters, missing letters as well as missing parts of speech. It appears that it hasn’t been edited proberly. And it’s not the author’s first book with this problem. But the story deserves, I hope the rest of the series is like this too, but with a better translation.

I love Chloe. I find her traumatised in the right amount by what happened to her as a child. I would have liked Steven, her boyfriend, not to be an idiot and that for once there was a female agents with a “normal” family even if this word can have different meanings. But apparently it is the fashion nowadays to write about female characters with no families outside of work.

I like Chole’s instructor too. I hope he’s still in the next books.

And can I say that I like her sister even if she is a little off? I hope their relationship continues now that Chloe is back in Pinecrest (peculiar name that I never got to read right on the first try, I kept saying pintarest – no sponsor – when reading this name).

Anyway, I recommend the book, I found it better than others even if the translation seems to be done with google translator.

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