Here again

Hey ya! Why I’m here if it’s Thursday and I have classes? Because I went to uni but the prof wasn’t there so I came home… Gosh three wasted hours!! (yes it take me one hour and a half to arrive to uni). What I’m going to do now? Well first I was able to adjust the calendar for each theme :D Now I’m going to change it a little bit more :P and then finish my new layout.

Oh I need to watch CSI:NY…


Later –> Watched CSI:NY, and gosh! it was awesome!! Why can’t NCIS be like that!??!! I think I’m going to switch back to CSI in May after the TV season ends… or at least I’ll switch if NCIS ends bad (meaning no pure-happy-non triangle-non tragic-tiva).

Later 2 –> So? Do you like the new theme? Quite springish eh? I think I’ve never made a theme so fast like today :P I’m improving ;)

Oh and I added two new polls, it’s the continued part of the first poll seeing that downloads and tutorials ‘won’ now I’d like to know which download you need and which tutorial :D

Exam passed part 2

Yep, you heard right, I passed Phisics II today and I’m quite happy! For this reason I began a new layout (because I’m happy, not because I passed the exam :P ). The design is read so take a lil’ pick:

Take a pick of theme #20

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and my father gace her a big bouquet :D she was so happy! Yeah the idea was mine but the money was my dad’s :P

So now I go back to change the theme and I will try to implement the new clendar… agr! Why it works sometime and others not??

Later –> Found why the calendar didn’t work :grin: … Apparently it conflicts with ajax-comment-posting plugin so I deactivated it. Unfourtunatelly now the comment form doesn’t use ajax anymore… Now I need to change the Events calendar code to fit with my various themes because the one installed can be changed with only one theme… Will keep you updated :P

Exam passed (the writing part)

As the title says I passed the writing part of the exam. Now I have the oral part next wednesday, pray for me! I’m tired of studying phisics… and I liked once apon a time… but my favorite remains Maths… do you like maths?

As you see yesterday I downloaded another plugin for my wordpress, the random quote thingie; I tried to implement a calendar but it doesn’t work properly… and it’s not the wordpress version because it works on my test blog and it has the same version as here…

Now I’m upgrading Opera… let’s see if it works… Internet Explorer is still dead… I don’t know why but if I use it, it doesn’t let me into my email accounts! I click enter and it shuts down…

Well gotta go, I don’t know what I will do now, studying is out of question, I’m tired…


Almost done

Hey ya! Still not out of the hook (is this expression right?) meaning I still haven’t finished my exam because the oral part is next wednesday… Instead of one week, now it’s two weeks between the writing test and the oral test so still waiting to finish and still studying…

Happy birthday Matteo! My cousin :D not that he’s going to read my blog…

Last Sunday I went to my second cousin Sofia’s Baptism, she was so cute! I didn’t recall how a baptism was :P it was quite interesting ;) First the priest called the parents and asked what they wanted to name the baby, then some reading from the Bible, some Cross on the baby with parents and godparents’ fingers other than the priest’s ones :P and then the water on the head. Poor baby, she cryed a bit but only when the priest was away from her :o I mean when the priest was pouring water on her head she was silent… usually kids cry… Gah she was so cute, did I say that? Oh and I ate a lot during the refreshment… the cake was yummy :p So now she is a Christian :D or better a Catholic… don’t know if other branches of Christianity have Baptism… I know in Finland they have because my friend baptized her son ;)

As for school… well today I began the second semester and I have one corse: two hours on wednesday and two hours on thursday (why wednesday?? There’s NCIS on wednesday! Remember I’m not in America so I don’t watch it on TV but internet and I have to wait for people to put it online, that and I’m 6 hours from Washington D.C. so when it’s on in America it’s 0200 (or 2 a.m.) here…)

I renew both domain and hosting so now I’m good till 2010 with the domain (I can renew it for free only every year if I want more I need to pay so why renew it for more years when I can have it free the next? :P ) and till 2012 for hosting ;) and my space just went up high ;)

That’s all for today… I think it’s the longest post I posted :P

What’s new in the life of Laura?

Well… last week my exam was postponed :( and I hate when that happens… But at least I could watch Bounce without waiting the afternoon… Pity it wasn’t that good… I think I will change TV-show as obbsession because NCIS is degressing…

Then I found this cute site where you can find/buy pets called whimpies and I really like it. You can see my fave one in the sidebar. As for Dragon Cave I didn’t get a Valentine Eggs but now I have a Geode (I think the name is…).

As for the site… I translated other tutorials and as soon as I’ve finished with my exam I’m going to finish them, writing more and then making new stuff.

P.S. Another Geode