Updating done

Today I’ve finally finished the update, every piece of graphic (minus avatars and banners) and tutorial is monitored by a plugin now, hope I didn’t screw anything…

I updated a tutorial, the ‘clearing images’ one and have four to translate, so this is my next task.

Still here…

Yes, I’m still running this blog… Actually I’m more into fanlistings now than graphic… Since last time I wrote, big events happened! First of all I graduate from university in July (yuppy! No more studying!!), I opened more fanlistings, I renewed this web hosting for three more years and I opened a cooking blog (sorry only in Italian).

What I’m up now, other than looking for a job, is video-ing. I find it more rewarding than graphicing (at least no one will steal it without linking you…).

I’m on Goodreads, too now… and Chefville on Facebook is taking up all my time… and to think I hated facebook…

New Video

Yep, another Densi video!

And made some changes on my densi fanlisting but I need to change it again because these two people keep saying something cute to use as title… and will change Kensi’s fanlisting title, too… when I’m done with anotehr video…

In the meantime, hosting is renewed for three more year, yeah! and I’m done with exams at the uni, double yeah!!


Yes, better if I write something… So, since my last post, I started my internship; I have less time to spend on my website and the little free time that I have, I send it making graphic and posting them on tumblr (but here, too; I only don’t make a post about them) and making videos… This is my new one… (it’s my 4th… didn’t post #2 and #3)

And I have three tutorials to translate… when my laziness is over I will do that…

New Tablet

Some weeks ago, my father bought a new tablet, l’ASUS Transformer. It is awesome! It is fast, the battery lasts more than three iPhones together and it becomes a mini-netbook when you attach the keyboard to the tablet. But the most important feature is the USB ports!


:D Now, Vodafone got us a wi-fi internet key, then mobile internet for both my father and me… stay in touch will be easy at the beach (I think :P)

More photos

Today I added 423 photos to my gallery… all about Rome… Can’t believe how many I have… and I have more but they aren’t digital and my scanner isn’t working so I can’t put them online… The past few days I added more albums, too.


Then I recently come back to interpals.net. I miss having pen-pals so I’m searching for more.

New Gallery

I know… I should finish the challenge… actually it is finished, I’ve just to post the banner here… They are all on my tumblr though :D

In the meantime I’ve opened four new fanlistings, about Bones which I adore now (why I’ve never watched it is beyond me…). I particularly didn’t like season 6 (I wonder who liked the first half… maybe not the real fans :P ) but I loved the 21st episode, I think it was the best of all season (ergo the fanlisting :P ).

3.08 – 3.14 – 3.15 – 6.21

Then I reopened my photo gallery. I’m still uploading all the photos, adding the new ones, too… but they are a lot. I like the new gallery script, the last one was also fine (the one that I use with my postcards gallery) but I got angry with it and I didn’t want to upgrade the same script twice.

Then what? Oh yesterday I was at the Ipercoop and I saw Naked Heat which I want to buy but it was in Italian and there wasn’t the first book so I didn’t buy it… But really! There was Naked Heat at the Ipercoop!!! Kinda unexpected…

Okay, back to my gallery… That’s all for now :D

Ever wonder why?

We remember songs from when we were kids? Some days ago, I searched for my old kid music tapes to give to my little cousin and when I tried them to see if they still worked I just remembered all the songs. Ever happen to you? I loved to sing them as a kid, yes but still… it’s been like more than 15 years since I listened to them but I still remember, at least the tune. Maybe not all the words, but if I listen to them once, boom, I remember them…

Isn’t it cool?

Now, if only this flu passes, I’d give the tapes to my cousin so she can start learning them (and the circle continue.)

Still alive and kicking…

…just making fanlists and NCIS:LA graphics… I added four banners, all about Deeks and made at least 8 new fanlists since my last post… maybe more if I count the ones adopted ;)

And I’m more on Tumblr and Twitter these days… so follow me there :D