Photoshop: Blend Tutorial

How to make a blend wallpaper? or a blend banner? Here’s how, I used Photoshop CS2.

There are two ways to blend images together: 1. with lasso tool and using feather different from zero, 2. with mask layer. I’m going to make an NCIS wallpaper with the first way:

1. Open a new file (ctrl n) in Photoshop, size as you want (I use 1280×960 pixels for my wallpapers, but this one is smaller :P )

fill your layer with the color you want to use as background, mine is black:

2. Choose your photos, I used 5 pictures. Open the first one which goes under all the others, this was mine:

choose Lasso Tool from your Tool Palette (L):

use those settings:

:!: the number “35” depends on your picture. If the picture is big and you only want a minimal part, you can up that number, but if the picture is small, than you need to lower it down a bit. Feather add pixels to your selection so if you have a 500 px image and select about 480 px and add a feather of 35, almost all the picture will be selected and there won’t be a lot of feather. So try a few times at first with different number, until you have the effect you want.

select the part you want to put on the wallpaper:

3. Now copy and paste the selection on the wallpaper (ctrl c and ctrl v) and move it where you want. If it’s too big resize it, here you have two options: 1. before pasting it in the wallpaper, paste it in a new file and resize it Image –> Image Size, then copy and paste it (ctrl a ctrl c and ctrl v) in the wallpaper or as I use because I see the dimention right on the wallpaper: 2. go to Edit –> Free Transform (or ctrl t) and change the percentual to whatever you want (for this image I changed it to W:30% and H:30% I usually use the same size for width and height and please, please when you resize like this use the same width and height because if not the images will be bis-long or bis-fat and a person ‘bis-fat’ is bad to see):

This is what I have so far:

4. Do the same with the other images (I used 2 other pictures out of 5):

You can move the three images to different position now or when you’re done blending all together.

5. Now choose another image, repeat steps 2. and 3. and you get this (I didn’t resized it):

Lower the opacity to 70% or whatever you like to bland with the other three pics:

and you get this:

6. Repeat step 5. for the last image and you get this:

Lower the opacity to 37% or whatever you like to bland with the other four pictures:

and you get this:

add some text and here your finished wallpaper:

You can use the same technique to make a banner or a layout. Please don’t use the same images to make this wallpaper or the finished work will be the same as mine and I don’t like copycats :P . Images belong to their respective photographers, I just found them online.

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