Review Policy

All book reviews are and will be 100% honest. I don’t get paid to write them and I don’t get “gifts” to write a good review so what I write is what I think. If I love a book, I’m going to say that, if I don’t like a book, I will write why I don’t. My critics aren’t an attack to the author, they are just how I feel about a subject or a style.

All review will be shared on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and other websites such as NetGalley if I received a book from there.

I’m signed up at NetGalley and at Book Blog Tours websites, so sometimes I will ask for an advanced reading copy (ARC) which is given to me for free, but this doesn’t mean that the review will be only a positive one. Even if I didn’t pay for the book so it was given to me for free, I won’t post a positive review if I didn’t like the book because it was a gift.

If authors or publishing companies want me to review a book, please be aware that I read only crime, mystery and high fantasy. I don’t like romance sci-fi, contemporary, poetry and horror so please don’t contact me if your book is in a category different from what I like. You may use this form to contact me. And please, I am Italian, my first language is Italian but I can read a book in English with no problem as long as it is written in English, I do know some slang but not too much.

Covers and synopsis are taken from or the Kobo website. I don’t claim any right on them.

How I rate books

So here how I rate a book:

5 Stars 5 star rating: The book is a page turner, there is nothing that I don’t like or if there is, the narration is so beautiful that I can forget about those small details that I don’t like. I just love the book and everything about the book (setting, descriptions, characters etc) and I recommend it to everyone who likes the genre.

4 Stars4 star rating: The book is a page turner but there is that small (or big) detail that I didn’t like that I can’t forget about so I can’t give a full 5 star rating. But without that small (or big) detail I love the book and I recommend it anyway to everyone who likes the genre.

3 Stars3 star rating. There are different cases about why I give 3 stars:

  • I liked the book, it is a nice reading but it isn’t a page turner in my opinion.
  • The plot is really good, but the characters do something that I don’t like.
  • I find the plot too easy but I like the characters and what they do.

2 Stars2 star rating. There are different cases about why I give 2 stars:

  • The plot may be good but the pace is too slow but then the plot is solved in 10 pages.
  • I didn’t like the plot that much to begin with even if the pace was good.
  • I didn’t like the main characters that much.
  • There are some flaws in the plot that I can’t forget about.

1 Star1 star rating. There are different cases about why I give 1 star:

  • I didn’t like the book at all, plot-wise.
  • I didn’t like the main characters
  • There are too many plot holes
  • The book is so slow that I wanted to DNF it or give 0 stars.
  • There is that event that I really, really didn’t like so I can’t forget about it.

Please remember that how I rate a book is my personal opinion, books that I didn’t like could be your favourite books of all time and I’m happy for you (happy that you were able to like a book that I couldn’t make me like).

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