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Please use this form to contact me about a book that you or your company want me to review. Please remember that I live in Italy so I prefer digital books instead of physical ones.

I accept ARCs or finished copies; I do like series but I don’t read them out of order, so if you want me to review book #3, for example, I may need book #1 and #2, too (if I haven’t read them).

I accept .epub, .mobi and .pdf. I have a Kobo and can read books on my tablet with the Kindle or other eReader apps. I don’t accept audio books because I don’t like them.

I encourage all indie and self-pub authors but please don’t feel bad if I don’t accept you. Usually I don’t accept someone because I don’t have time at that moment or because after I read the synopsis I know that I won’t like the book. For example, I don’t like time travel so if I read about it in the synopsis I already know that I’m not going to give a positive review. So I try to accept only books that I know I’m going to like (of course I never know for sure, I may not like the book at the end).

My favourite genre to read are:

  • High Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Crime novel
  • Nordic Noir
  • Thrillers

I don’t like:

  • Sci-fi
  • Romances
  • Horror
  • Contemporary
  • Non-fiction

Subject I like to read about:

  • Chosen one
  • Dragons
  • Killer point of view
  • Victim point of view
  • More blood in an omicide, the better
  • Serial killers

Subject I don’t like to read about:

  • Time travel
  • Aliens
  • The main character is implicated in a case even if at the end it wasn’t his/her fault
  • Main character is humiliated too much during all narration
  • Undercover operations
  • Drug cartels
  • Roberies

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