Roses of May

Roses of May
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, Book # 2
Thomas & Mercer
May 23rd, 2017
August 26, 2018 August 28, 2018

Four months after the explosion at the Garden, a place where young women known as the Butterflies were kept captive, FBI agents Brandon Eddison, Victor Hanoverian, and Mercedes Ramirez are still entrenched in the aftermath, helping survivors in the process of adjusting to life on the outside. With winter coming to an end, the Butterflies have longer, warmer days of healing ahead. But for the agents, the impending thaw means one gruesome thing: a chilling guarantee that somewhere in the country, another young woman will turn up dead in a church with her throat slit and her body surrounded by flowers.

Priya Sravasti’s sister fell victim to the killer years ago. Now she and her mother move every few months, hoping for a new beginning. But when she ends up in the madman’s crosshairs, the hunt takes on new urgency. Only with Priya’s help can the killer be found—but will her desperate hope for closure compel her to put her very life on the line?

About the book

This is my 300th book read, registered on Goodreads.

This is the sequel of The Butterfly Garden, plot that is present a little bit in this book so I like that we can read about what happened to the girls once freed. In this “episode” we have both the healing process (or non-healing), and a new case that involves a teenager named Priya, whose sister was killed a few years before. While the “butterflies” try to go back to a normal life, girls are found in churches with their throats slit with flowers around them. A different flower for each girl. And the killer seems obsessed with Priya.

I find this book a little bit slower than the previous one and the style too heavy with chapters too long. I like the italics point of view. I thought that they were from the killer who talked in third person, but that’s not true and only at the end we find out who it is talking, but going on reading, they aren’t as many as at the beginning. Has it can be seen, chapters are narrated by the protagonist of that chapter and there only two narrators: Eddison, the policeman, and Priya (there is the killer’s point of view but those chapters are very few).

It was so easy to understand that Landon, the good but strange guy, wasn’t involved with the case and that his life was in danger, I don’t know if I read too many crimes, or watch too many crime TV shows, but it was clear since his appearance that he was going to die.

It was easy to find out who was the killer since the first time we saw him/her, for this reason I gave 4 stars and not 5, because it was so simple to understand why and why. I will read the third book in the series to know what it is about, but I really liked the first book way more than this one.

Anyway, I recommend it.

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2 coffees on “Roses of May

  1. I like that this book shows crime victims healing after their experiences as a second storyline. So often once the victim has played their part the storyline rushes away and we never get to know how, or if, they were able to recover

    1. I like that part, too! I though it was quite interesting and one of the victims is so strong! I really love her characterization. :D

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