Scarecrow Calling

Scarecrow Calling
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, Book # 5
Poisoned Pen Press
January 29th 2019
December 8, 2022 December 10, 2022

The past has come to haunt Detective Virginia Holmes as the infamous Scarecrow Killer strikes again … and this time, Holmes is the victim! With poison running through her body and only hours to live, she'll need to employ every trick in the book if she wants to solve this case!

What I think

Hmm that the beginning is always the same, the author who always says to go and read the previous books, is a pain in the ass! Especially in this 5th story. Especially when you’re reading the complete series in one book. Sure she wrote them and maybe published them at different times but what a bummer!

The case could have been interesting but I find certain ideas of the author, childish. First of all, if Fox says metaphors and no one understands them in the book, you must at least write in such a way that the reader doesn’t understand them either or, else, someone in the book understands them, because like this, the characters all look like idiots.

Second, if the poison has damaged Holmes’s stomach, she can’t get well right away…

And then it was clear that the killer was *** (spoiler, so I’m not saying). It would have been 5 stars if it weren’t for these things.

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