Screencapping with VLC Media Player

Sometimes I use screencaps from the WWW, but sometimes I need a specific scene or time frame longer than what I can find especially when i need to do animations, so I screencap with VLC Media Player. I used to use VirtualDub but it doesn’t work with Windows 10 and it wasn’t updated in a long time. But since I use VLC to watch my long list of Tv-shows, why not using it to screen capture?

So here What I do.

1. Open VLC, go to Tools and Preference:

A new window will pop up.

2. Choose All from Show Settings in the left down corner as shown in the image:

3. Now scroll down till you find VideoFilter and select Scene Video Filter:

4. Now click on the small arrow before Filter and search for Scene Filter:

This is quite self explanatory the only change you need to make is Filename prefix changing it to what name you want to give to your files (I usually use the Tv-show name with the episode); Directory path prefix is the path to where you want to save your screencaps, so I created a new folder in my documents, copied the folder path and pasted it in the box above; Recording ratio depends on how many caps you want: for an animation you need a lot of caps per scenes but you end with thousands of images, but if you want only a few caps per scenes 50 is about fine (I end up with about 1,200 caps per episode).

5. Click Save, open up your episode with VLC and it automatically makes caps.

6. After finishing, remember to do points 1, 2 and 3 again taking off the check mark before Scene Video Filter in point 3.

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