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Icicles Like Kindling, Flames Like Vines, Decay Like Gold
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1 Icicles Like Kindling is a glimpse into Meira’s life before the events of Snow Like Ashes that was originally going to serve as the prologue to the book. In it, you will get a taste of the kingdom of Autumn, meet some of Meira’s fellow refugees, and get an introduction to the wicked danger that will soon plague them…

2 This is a companion story to ICE LIKE FIRE, the sequel to SNOW LIKE ASHES. It parallels the beginning events of ICE LIKE FIRE.
"She was part of Summer, and Summer was part of her, and this land wouldn't abandon her too."
Ceridwen Preben, princess of Summer, has spent her life plotting against her brother, Simon, the Summerian king. Simon has embraced the ruling family's reputation for using their conduit to keep their subjects in a state of bliss, and has spent his reign slowly driving Summer into ruin, filling everyone with carelessness and letting them turn a blind eye to Summer's rampant -- and deadly -- slave trade. But Ceridwen refuses to let her kingdom disintegrate, and with the help of her fellow rebel-in-arms, Lekan, she hopes to undo Simon's lethal dealings.
But when Ceridwen uncovers Simon's deadliest plot yet, she starts to realize just how deep magic runs -- and that even though her kingdom is one of sunlight, with light, there always comes shadows.

3 Theron's point of view for FROST LIKE NIGHT!

:!: Please read this only if you’ve read all the books in the series. And since they are novellas I’m not introducing the main characters.

Sara Raasch wrote three novellas which you can find them online for free. They accompany the main story line and since they are short, I didn’t want to create a post for each of them (and I don’t have much to say).

Icicles Like Kindling

This is the first novella and it is the prologue to the main series. It isn’t that long, it occur before the first chapter and it is explained why the first book happens. Moreover we find Meira and Mather as children in a fundamental scene in which they talks about the conduits (which made me understand a scene at the end of the last book so much faster). It talks about the history of Primoria which I forgot since I read the first book a year before the second one.

I gave 4 stars even if I don’t find right to give stars to novellas since they are so short. But this helped me understand so much more of the series so I gave a rating for that reason.

Flames Like Vines

Second novella which temporary happens before the second book but you must read after it or you will be spoiled about something. Or better, you may read it after they introduce the Summer Princess in the main series.

The novella talks about what Ceridwen does in Summer and how she understands what the Ventralli’s King is doing, which will be important to understand what happens to her during the series.

I also find this novella nice, so I gave 4 stars.

Decay Like Gold

This is the novella that I liked the most because it is narrated by Theron’s point of view. You can read this alongside the third book because the author wrote where those scenes are inserted in the main plot (thing that I didn’t do because I hadn’t read the second novella at that time so I didn’t look at the structure of this novella).

Of Theron’s chapters the one that I liked the most is the one about his mother’s death and why she died. In fact I didn’t understand why she died and how, the cause. I don’t remember whether they mention it in the first book because, as I said, I read it so long ago, so I’m happy that they mentioned it here.

Also, the last scene of this novella is enlightening. :D For this reasons I gave 5 stars.

And this concludes my reading of this series. And like for Rebel, I would like if it continues forever :(

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