Spy x Family 1➡8

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, Book # 1
July 4, 2019
Casey Loe
April 28, 2023 May 9, 2023
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Master spy Twilight is the best at what he does when it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions in the name of a better world. But when he receives the ultimate impossible assignment—get married and have a kid—he may finally be in over his head!

Not one to depend on others, Twilight has his work cut out for him procuring both a wife and a child for his mission to infiltrate an elite private school. What he doesn’t know is that the wife he’s chosen is an assassin and the child he’s adopted is a telepath!


About the book

A spy, an assassin and a little telepathic girl get together for a mission.

What I think

I have read the first 8 volumes and I must say that I really like the manga. I’ve given basically six 5 stars and two four stars. The two without the full stars are a bit slow or rather they deal with characters that don’t interest me or as for the seventh volume there is too much Yor and her “job” and little to no Anya! Anya is great and I really like Bond too.

I will continue with the series as it becomes available on Libby and in English.

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