A L’Alfabetista (Ge mig dina ögon)

A L'Alfabetista
Ge mig dina ögon
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August 17, 2017 August 22, 2017

In a small Finnish town of Förshalla is found a dead body of a girl without eyes. An experienced criminalist Harald Lindmark begins an investigation, but a new body is found...

About the Book

First of all this book isn’t translated in English, yet. The original title is in Swedish (Ge mig dina ögon) which means Give Me Your Eyes.

What I don’t get about this book is where is Förshalla? If you Google it, it’s in Sweden on the map, not in Finland but the book is based in Finland… I know the author is a Finnish man with Swedish origins, he lived in Finland and now teaches in Sweden but why can’t I find this town on the Finnish map?

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