Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets
Det fördolda
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, Book # 1
Grand Central Publishing
Marlaine Delargy
March 27, 2018 April 4, 2018

It all begins with a call to the police. A sixteen-year-old boy, Roger Eriksson, has gone missing in the town of Västerås. A search is organized and a group of young scouts makes an awful discovery in a marsh: Roger is dead.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Bergman, psychologist, criminal profiler and one of Sweden's top experts on serial killers, is in Västerås to settle his mother's estate following her death. Sebastian has withdrawn from police work after the death of his wife and daughter in the 2004 tsunami.

When the Crime Investigation Department asks Sebastian for his help in Roger's case, his arrogant manner at first alienates the rest of the team. Pushing forward, though, they begin to make disturbing discoveries about the private school Roger attended....

Here it is another Einaudi book and here it is another book full of spelling mistakes. For the Italian version, what annoys me the most are the “yes” (sì) with the accent on the other way (I don’t even have the key on the keyboard to make that accent, how the hell do they print it?). Unfortunately, it interrupts the reading too much

As for the style, in my version the narrator’s point of views jump from one to another a little too much. For example, in one chapter Frederick starts talking about his feelings (even if in the third person) all of a sudden the team leader is talking (telling his feelings about another topic whatsoever). And this is not well defined, there is no space between the two narrators so you find yourself thinking “what the hell are they saying?”.

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A L’Alfabetista (Ge mig dina ögon)

A L'Alfabetista
Ge mig dina ögon
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August 17, 2017 August 22, 2017

In a small Finnish town of Förshalla is found a dead body of a girl without eyes. An experienced criminalist Harald Lindmark begins an investigation, but a new body is found...

About the Book

First of all this book isn’t translated in English, yet. The original title is in Swedish (Ge mig dina ögon) which means Give Me Your Eyes.

What I don’t get about this book is where is Förshalla? If you Google it, it’s in Sweden on the map, not in Finland but the book is based in Finland… I know the author is a Finnish man with Swedish origins, he lived in Finland and now teaches in Sweden but why can’t I find this town on the Finnish map?

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