Exam passed part 2

Yep, you heard right, I passed Phisics II today and I’m quite happy! For this reason I began a new layout (because I’m happy, not because I passed the exam :P ). The design is read so take a lil’ pick:

Take a pick of theme #20

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and my father gace her a big bouquet :D she was so happy! Yeah the idea was mine but the money was my dad’s :P

So now I go back to change the theme and I will try to implement the new clendar… agr! Why it works sometime and others not??

Later –> Found why the calendar didn’t work :grin: … Apparently it conflicts with ajax-comment-posting plugin so I deactivated it. Unfourtunatelly now the comment form doesn’t use ajax anymore… Now I need to change the Events calendar code to fit with my various themes because the one installed can be changed with only one theme… Will keep you updated :P

Exam passed (the writing part)

As the title says I passed the writing part of the exam. Now I have the oral part next wednesday, pray for me! I’m tired of studying phisics… and I liked once apon a time… but my favorite remains Maths… do you like maths?

As you see yesterday I downloaded another plugin for my wordpress, the random quote thingie; I tried to implement a calendar but it doesn’t work properly… and it’s not the wordpress version because it works on my test blog and it has the same version as here…

Now I’m upgrading Opera… let’s see if it works… Internet Explorer is still dead… I don’t know why but if I use it, it doesn’t let me into my email accounts! I click enter and it shuts down…

Well gotta go, I don’t know what I will do now, studying is out of question, I’m tired…