I’m going crazy with planning, reading and tracking

Yep, what the title says. I’m pretty much all done setting up my planner (well I was done in February since I had free printing pages with HP instant ink) and I’m preparing my reading planner. I did have a book tracker especially a “to buy” spreadsheet, a “bookshelf” sheet and a “series” multiple sheets. But for next year I want to track more things, so I created some planner inserts for that purpose. And I’ve always been all about tracking how many pages I read in a day and how many books I read in a month/year, but now I added so many other trackers such as how many hours I read in a day, the book format, author nationality, which language I read in (well only two since I know only Italian and English), the source (since I started to borrow books from the library) and I’m all for tracking this in my planner. But I needed help so I downloaded some Google Docs tracker which I’ll link down below and I’m so ready to track my books and then adding everything in my planner. Not to mention that I added some reading challenges but they are pretty much the same… to kill my TBR or about ebooks (this is new, though).

So here what I use to track all my readings :D

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