2023 Reading by the Numbers Challenge

You can find the Reading by the Numbers Challenge page with all the rules here.

I always try to read 30 books in a year but then I read more so, since manga can count here, too, I’m going to try to read 52 books for this challenge

The hashtag for this challenge is #ReadingByNumbers2023 so let’s try to use it while posting on Twitter (because yes, that’s the only place I post).

There is no list of books to choose from since any book counts. As for the other challenge once I posted the review a link to the post will appear under here.

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2023 The Backlist Reader Challenge

Doing this again! The hashtag for the challenge is #BacklistReader and I need to remember to post the links in the link up page.

The main rules are simple and you can find them here on the sign up page.

Just so I remember:

  1. Book need to be on my TBR list somewhere before signing up for this challenge.
  2. Doesn’t metter if I own the book or borrow it from the library. Or buy it during the year as long as it was on my list.
  3. Book publishing date needs to be before 2022 so 2021 downward.

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2023 Finishing The Series Challenge

Last year I’ve finished 3 series, so I’m doing this challenge again. I did read a bunch of books that counted as progressing in the series so I’m ever so close in finishing those series.

Here the challenge post if you want to join. I’m going for C-LIST SERIES FINISHER ⇒ COMPLETE 1-4 SERIES again.

Hashtag for the challenge is #FinishingTheSeries2023 and I need to remember the quad link-ups, well I do need to write review first.

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2023 Cloak and Dagger Challenge

Sixth year in a raw that I join the Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge. Carol is hosting the challenge again this year.

I’m going to read at least 5 books and become an Amateur sleuth of course I will try to read more and arrive at least at the end of the spectrum (5-15 books).

I will update this post with the links to my reviews when they are published.

I need to remember to use #CloakDaggerChal tag when posting this year, too… And I need to remember the monthly link-ups which I didn’t last year…


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2023 Mount TBR Reading Challenge

You can find the Mount TBR Reading Challenge page with all the rules here.

This year, I’ll try to reach Pike’s Peak: Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s again.

I did a decent job in 2022 remembering to use the tag #MountTBR2022 so let’s write it again so I can keep up but I need to log in my advancements! I didn’t for the first half of the year and then I stopped writing reviews so I didn’t for that reason, too.

Titles of the books from this challenge will be listed below once the review is published (Laura you need to write them first!), that’s why this page and the challenge bar in the sidebar aren’t equals (the challenge bar is updated to the day, this page to the review date which can be weeks after I’ve finished the book):

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