New Theme!

What do you think of the new theme? I kinda like it ;) and I change the error page, too. If you want to see it just click here :D

And I revamped the links page which now is mantained by wordpress. I was finally able to put links in column… wasn’t that difficult but gosh! Took me a hell of a time to understand! Want a tutorial? Maybe I’ll make one ;)

Tomorrow is the big day, the hospital didn’t call this time to postpone :P wish my father luck!

See ya!

Here again

Hey ya! Why I’m here if it’s Thursday and I have classes? Because I went to uni but the prof wasn’t there so I came home… Gosh three wasted hours!! (yes it take me one hour and a half to arrive to uni). What I’m going to do now? Well first I was able to adjust the calendar for each theme :D Now I’m going to change it a little bit more :P and then finish my new layout.

Oh I need to watch CSI:NY…


Later –> Watched CSI:NY, and gosh! it was awesome!! Why can’t NCIS be like that!??!! I think I’m going to switch back to CSI in May after the TV season ends… or at least I’ll switch if NCIS ends bad (meaning no pure-happy-non triangle-non tragic-tiva).

Later 2 –> So? Do you like the new theme? Quite springish eh? I think I’ve never made a theme so fast like today :P I’m improving ;)

Oh and I added two new polls, it’s the continued part of the first poll seeing that downloads and tutorials ‘won’ now I’d like to know which download you need and which tutorial :D

Exam passed part 2

Yep, you heard right, I passed Phisics II today and I’m quite happy! For this reason I began a new layout (because I’m happy, not because I passed the exam :P ). The design is read so take a lil’ pick:

Take a pick of theme #20

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and my father gace her a big bouquet :D she was so happy! Yeah the idea was mine but the money was my dad’s :P

So now I go back to change the theme and I will try to implement the new clendar… agr! Why it works sometime and others not??

Later –> Found why the calendar didn’t work :grin: … Apparently it conflicts with ajax-comment-posting plugin so I deactivated it. Unfourtunatelly now the comment form doesn’t use ajax anymore… Now I need to change the Events calendar code to fit with my various themes because the one installed can be changed with only one theme… Will keep you updated :P