The Descent of Monsters

The Descent of Monsters

, Book # 3
July 31st, 2018
March 17, 2022 March 17, 2022

You are reading this because I am dead.

Something terrible happened at the Rewar Teng Institute of Experimental Methods. When the Tensorate’s investigators arrived, they found a sea of blood and bones as far as the eye could see. One of the institute’s experiments got loose, and its rage left no survivors. The investigators returned to the capital with few clues and two prisoners: the terrorist leader Sanao Akeha and a companion known only as Rider.

Investigator Chuwan faces a puzzle. What really happened at the institute? What drew the Machinists there? What are her superiors trying to cover up? And why does she feel as if her strange dreams are forcing her down a narrowing path she cannot escape?

About the book

Third book of the Tensorate and even if I don’t fully understand the purpose of the series, I liked this third volume more. I like the storytelling, the point of view and the story isn’t bad either. Then the fact that the chapters of the first part are so short made me read the book in just one day! Okay that was 166 pages…

What I think

I liked the second part a little less, especially the Rider part. I can’t say that these 49 euros have been well spent, but at least the third volume is much better than the first two.

I still think the world is underdeveloped, just as the whole story is too hasty. It is as if the author wanted to talk about this world in which the genre is chosen by the individual, but without giving it a precise form. There is still too much unexplained, the magic is not developed at all even if you can guess how it is and even the various categories are not explained. The empress (she was an empress? I don’t even remember!) has disappeared, she was only present in the first book and then poof… vanished (of course she is still there, but she is not physically present).

I still don’t recommend it. It doesn’t give me anything as a series just a big question mark and a big “money spent on nothing”.

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