The Girl in the Ice

The Girl In The Ice
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February 12th, 2016
November 13, 2018 December 4, 2018

Her eyes are wide open. Her lips parted as if to speak. Her dead body frozen in the ice…She is not the only one.

When a young boy discovers the body of a woman beneath a thick sheet of ice in a South London park, Detective Erika Foster is called in to lead the murder investigation.

The victim, a beautiful young socialite, appeared to have the perfect life. Yet when Erika begins to dig deeper, she starts to connect the dots between the murder and the killings of three prostitutes, all found strangled, hands bound and dumped in water around London.

What dark secrets is the girl in the ice hiding?

As Erika inches closer to uncovering the truth, the killer is closing in on Erika.

The last investigation Erika led went badly wrong… resulting in the death of her husband. With her career hanging by a thread, Erika must now battle her own personal demons as well as a killer more deadly than any she’s faced before. But will she get to him before he strikes again?


First book in the series set in London about Detective Erika Foster. A girl’s body is found in a museum lake, at first it seems an isolated case, but then Erika finds other homicides with the same modus operandi of the killer.

At the beginning Erika is called upon the scene because she is good at solving high profile cases, then she is suspended, but she continues with the help of her squad that doesn’t like the man appointed in her place.

I need to say that I didn’t try to find the killer as I usually do, because the book disappointed me a little bit at the beginning since Erika, the main character, is suspended from the case because a man needs to be the centre of it all (and I hate it when it happens) so I just read it because I needed to read it, not for my enjoyment. Then, obviously when Erika goes back investigating (legally) everything becomes interesting again and I am so happy about how the case was solved.

I’ve already bought the next book (to say the truth, even the third one, damn you discounts!) so I will read the next two books in the series (I just hope that the beginning of those books is better than this one).

Nevertheless the case is interesting and even the family involved in it is particular. Erika’s backstory is well thought, some tears came down when she was talking with her father-in-law (but I do have easy tears, so that isn’t a surprise).

As I said the case is interesting, not everyone can read this book because there is a lot of violence. So I suggest to read some reviews or even the questions on the Goodreads book profile where the argument of the book is explained. Everything starts when a girl’s body, Andrea Douglas-Brown, is found under the ice of a lake. From there Erika tries to understand the girl’s life, a life that seems very different from the one her family knows. Moreover, since the beginning we know that Erika has lost someone a few month previous, in fact her husband Mark is killed in front of her during a police operation captained by her. This will influence her character at least in the first book since she often snaps at people and this is an aspect that I don’t like of her.

I will surely read the next two books (because I’ve already bought them) and, as I said, I hope they will be better than this one at the beginning. I know that there won’t be a man that needs to put down a woman because he can’t stand that she’s better than him, or so I hope.

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