The Stolen Girls

The Stolen Girls
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, Book # 2
July 6 2017
April 1, 2022 April 5, 2022
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The young woman standing on Lottie’s step was a stranger. She was clutching the hand of a young boy. ‘Help me,’ she said to Lottie. ‘Please help me.’

One Monday morning, the body of a young pregnant woman is found. The same day, a mother and her son visit the house of Detective Lottie Parker, begging for help to find a lost friend.

Could this be the same girl?

When a second victim is discovered by the same man, with the murder bearing all the same hallmarks as the first, Lottie needs to work fast to discover how else the two were linked. Then two more girls go missing.

Detective Lottie Parker is a woman on the edge, haunted by her tragic past and struggling to keep her family together through difficult times. Can she fight her own demons and catch the killer before he claims another victim?


I liked the book, the case was very interesting and here too we see how all wars are destructive, not only physically but also morally. Of course, not all soldiers are bad, but there are those who do not respect morality. Not only certain peoples, but everyone has these episodes. And given the times we’re living in, I wonder how many Rhea and Mimoza or Andrei are in Ukraine right now.

I like the style since they are short chapters, but there is one fact that prevented me from giving 5 stars. Lottie and Boyd, they are worse behaved than Chloe (who is a young girl). Their squabbles… I could accept them between teenagers but not from two adults. The author wants to imply that there is something between the two, but then they argue as if they were having their first crush and this doesn’t make me “ship” them, on the contrary, in this context it is very out of place. Whatever Boyd does for Lottie, she yells “get it over” at him even in the office. I think Lottie has problems and I repeat, I would accept this attitude from teenagers, but not from 40 year old with already one marriage behind them. I can’t stand Lottie. Especially because she looks really stupid. The case was clear enough to understand as ling as she used her little cell in her brain, but she’s too worried that Boyd’s wife is back.

I don’t know if I will continue the series, I don’t own the books yet so I have no idea if I will buy them. I read this because I’ve already owned it and honestly I don’t remember anything about the first one so I don’t remember what happened to Sean and Katie’s boyfriend. Or Lottie’s brother. I don’t even remember if I reviewed the first book, I have to check.

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