The Vanishing Spy

The Vanishing Spy
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, Book # 2
Poisoned Pen Press
August 1st 2018
November 13, 2022 November 22, 2022
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A murdered French butler. A missing skeleton key. For retired detective Virginia Holmes, this case should be no problem. But when Holmes and her assistant travel to France to investigate, the sleuths find themselves embroiled in a far deeper mystery that leads all the way back to the French Resistance of World War II. Spies. Nazis. Deception. And a town that may hold a terrible secret.

What I think

As for the first book, also this story is very well done. We are in France during the Second World War and the occupation of French soil by the Nazis. Our protagonist is a Jew born in France but who studied in England and is part of the French resistance.

Holmes and Fox have been called by the son of the resistance’s second-in-command to find a key.

Women investigate and find much more than just a key.

I liked the chapters alternating between the present and the past, I liked how the final result was discovered and even if not rich in descriptions, the story is not too fast and turned out well.

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