Unnatural Exposure

Unnatural Exposure

, Book # 8
August 1997
July 7, 2018 July 11, 2018

Virginia Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta has a bloody puzzle on her hands: five headless, limbless cadavers in Ireland, plus four similar victims in a landfill back home. Is a serial butcher loose in Virginia? That's what the panicked public thinks, thanks to a local TV reporter who got the leaked news from her boyfriend, Scarpetta's vile rival, Investigator Percy Ring. But the butchered bodies are so many red herrings intended to throw idiots like Ring off the track. Instead of a run-of-the-mill serial killer, we're dealing with a shadowy figure who has plans involving mutant smallpox, mass murder, and messing with Scarpetta's mind by e-mailing her gory photos of the murder scenes, along with cryptic AOL chat-room messages. The coolest innovation: Scarpetta's gorgeous genius niece, Lucy, equips her with a DataGlove and a VPL Eyephone, and she takes a creepy virtual tour of the e-mailed crime scene.


Unnatural Exposure is the eighth book in the Patricia Cornwell series, dedicated to Kay Scarpetta. In this book Kay is dealing with deadly viruses and electronic threats.

I’m starting to find this series boring, I have to say that I read this book last year and I don’t even remember what the main plot is. By now I think I am not able to tollerate Kay anymore, especially about the things that Particia doesn’t say or about things that she talks about but that happen between books.

But when did Kay have a mastectomy? Never heard of this… as I never heard of Mark’s death (which I will continue to repeat).

There are not many details regarding viruses. In the end I would have liked more details, for example how “someone” (I won’t say who) was infected, or why “someone else” was not, a bit more details about the virus. She got lost in talk and then gave no results. I liked the plot, when it comes to viruses I always like it, but I want the details that are missing. And sometimes she kept on talking about things of little interest.

Riggs is useless, maybe the story will end in a future book, but I’m tired of reading about male chauvinists in almost all dated stories. And yes I know, it’s my fault that I read books from twenty years ago. But honestly I think this is the last of the series I read.

I like fights when those who are against the protagonist are in the wrong, so seeing a final challenge between Kay and Riggs would have been fantastic, but they talk about him and then nothing. I’d like for Kay to point fingers here.

Who was the killer was obvious, as soon as Kay speaks with “Rose” almost at the end I understood and even if I don’t share the reasons I can understand why some people get crazy. Honestly, after reading certain books I freak out too!

And as always please let’s not talk about Marino, Benton and Kay. I can’t stand these three anymore. Okay maybe I can’t stand Kay and consequently the other two too.

No, I believe I will not continue.

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