Vacation Time

Yep, it’s that period of the year whene I go to the sea for a month. I’ll be back on august 31st so please don’t abuse my site :lonely:

Goodbye ;)

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6 coffees on “Vacation Time

  1. Hey there Laura! :)
    I love your new layout, it’s so cute and adorable. A Blue jay bird layout, haha! :p Of course not to abuse your site, I wouldn’t or won’t be doing such a thing like that.
    Now others would. :shifty: I’m sorry that I am still taking such a long time for me to open up. :( Been busy with work, chores…Today is when my dad takes me to the doctor.

    My sister Leisha gets home from work at: 3:00 A.M. thiis afternoon, so she can take me shopping to get paint program…yeah finally. It’s $84.00, so she’s going to help me get it. :) I can’t wait, and then my daddy is going to install Paint Shop Pro x2 for me…so I can try that. It’s a 30 day trial, I will let him know of what I think. If I like and everything, then he will order the package cd RM online. :p

    I will open up soon. I hope to get almost everything done, I got some of the content graphics done. I just need to put it all up. And then link them on the meniu. :D I hope to get my new program installed, that she will buy! hehe!

    Well I hope you have a good time, take care.

  2. Nice website. I’ve been looking for this website for a while. I forgot to bookmark it last time I saw it. Eien Cafe still looks awesome. =)

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