Week #10

March is here… so full of birthdays! I have 8 birthdays this month! So here I present you last week. I didn’t had much going on Tuesday and Wednesday except boring myself at work.

Week # 9
Week # 9

I’ve finished the first book of three of the last book by Martin (yeah when they translated “A Dance with Dragons” they divided it in three books…) and started the second of Castle. Yes, I read two books at a time, one at work and one at home (Castle at home and Martin at work) so tomorrow I will start the penultimate Martin’s book.

Week #10: Mar 1 - Mar 8
Week #10: Mar 1 – Mar 8

But here it is next week ;) This time I didn’t use stickers but I printed the images directly on the organizer papers (which reminds me that I have to change ink cartridges).

Two birthdays. My cousin Matteo on the 4th and my second cousin Mauro on the 6th (both same year, too).

Well I think that’s all for now.

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