Week #11

So, week #11 is here. Full of birthdays, I have 3, just like last week. Why everyone was born in March?

Anyway, not a lot happened this week…

Week #10
Week #10

Last Friday there was an Italian singer doing something in the store close to mine but I didn’t stick around to understand what. There was a line of screaming kids just outside my store (well not “my” as in “mine” but where I work) but they were disciplined quite well (shocking I know!). I worked mostly in the afternoons and I have to say that it’s quite good working half day because I’m less tired.

Week #11: Mar 9 - Mar 15
Week #11: Mar 9 – Mar 15

Anyway, nothing’s going on next week except for my mom’s birthday! We’re going to surprise her with a bunch of presents when I’m coming home from work ;) . Most probably she’s going to yell at as for spending money…

Oh and I’m going to eat pizza at a restaurant on Thursday. Yes, we go out to eat pizza.

That’s all.

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