Week #12

A new week is beginning… well tomorrow :P

Today I went to Milan but I didn’t buy anything because I’ve already spent too much last Friday. But I plan to go washi tapes shopping tomorrow. Oh now! I bought a book! But I had a free ticket for that so I didn’t pent more than 5 euros.  :cool:

Week #11
Week #11

It was my mom’s birthday this week and I couldn’t wait to give her the presents. It took her awhile to open them all because I did wrap them each by themselves   :love:

Week #12: Mar 16 - Mar 22
Week #12: Mar 16 – Mar 22

Next week I will start an afternoon shift at work and I kinda love it ;) but it sucks that I bought a monthly travel ticket when I pretty much going with my car each day… oh well won’t buy it next month!

I wish there was a plugin which tells me how many pages I’ve read since the beginning of the year but I can’t find it…

I planned next week posts till Wednesday, I need to remember to plan the next two days… I didn’t have much time today!

Now I’m going to read one of the two books I’m reading (yes I read two at the same time because I leave one at work and one at home but I have both at home now… what to choose, what to choose? Dilemma… :pirat:

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