Week #14

Last Sunday of March, can’t believe it’s April already! This past week was quite uneventful… Last Monday was my town feasr, too so there were stalls again but they were very few and I didn’t liked it. At least the Luna Park was gone Monday afternoon,  :yes: yay for parking space!

Week 13
Week 13

Then I watch my tv shows, bought my hosting (I can’t believe how much they (my bank) charged me for the change Dollar-Euro! “Ladri” (Italian word for stealers).

I managed to finish the last book of Martin so I’m up to date and can watch the next series without being spoiled but I think that’s the last one becasue they already said that the tv show will spoil the books and I don’t want that. But I can’t believe who he killed or tried to kill (I hope it’s the last one)! So now I have to decide which book to read… I have two or three but since I need to take it to work I can’t read a big one (which is one of the three). Decisions, decisions!

Week 14: Mar 30 - Apr 05
Week 14: Mar 30 – Apr 05

Next week is Easter week, I know elsewhere isn’t celebrated that much but we do. We’re going to have lunch with family on Sunday and Monday so my weekly post is going to be a little late. I need more space for Sundays in my planner! I’m going to make my own inserts next year and have Saturday and Sunday the same size as the week days. I mean come on! People work on Saturdays and Sundays, too!

I think that’s all.

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