Week #15

Hello everyone!

Happy Easter! I wanted to photograph what we had for lunch but I totally forgot once I sat down… Anyway I’m full as an egg (or so we say here…). My aunt gave me a pistachios Easter egg which was the most tasteful thing I ever tasted!

Week #14
Week #14

This past week wasn’t so eventful… Actually nothing happened… There wasn’t even a lot of TV shows to watch (not that next week is better) so I watched Castle again from season 1 (well I did start last week… so not really from season 1).


Week #15: Apr 6 - Apr 12
Week #15: Apr 6 – Apr 12

Next week is even less eventful… except for tomorrow which is holiday again. I changed my reading planning because the book I’m reading have small chapters so if I read 2 chapters a day like planned I pretty much read only 8/10 pages, sometimes less so I changed to pages. 50 pages in a job-day is quite an accomplishment for me, I know sometimes I read more…

Oh I need to buy some stamps to sent postcards via Postcrossing again.

That’s all.

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