Week #16

Hello!  :love:

Today I have a bad headache… right behind my right eye… Every time I stare at my pc screen I feel like dying  :die: but I don’t want to take any painkiller I already take enough of them  :cry:

Week #15
Week #15

Anyway! Last week was boring… Well nothing happened but I did enjoy reading more than 50 pages a day of the book I was reading… I need to stop reading this much because then I have headaches, right? Yeah… I finished Inferno, went to a mall to buy a gift for my friend’s baby and came home with a book… obviously… So I started a new author. I bought some sticky notes, too.

Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes

Aren’t those cute? I started to use them planning what I need to do for my fanlisting collective. BTW I found why my site got redirected to spam sites… it was a .htaccess problem…  I had unwelcome things wrote in that file so I erased all of them.

I enjoyed the Criminal Minds “crossover” (even if it wasn’t a crossover), I think I’m going to watch the new CM, too (hope it won’t get cancelled after the 1st season…

Week #16:  Apr 13 - Apr 19
Week #16: Apr 13 – Apr 19

Next week I’m at home on Tuesday due to a transportation strike so I’m going to work next Monday. So I’m going to my old town to the post office because I don’t trust my hometown office… it’s too expensive and some people are mean! And I need to buy stamps to send postcards from Postcrossing. I found a new postcards site called Postcard United, I still don’t know if I’m going to sign up… We’ll see!  :yes:


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