Week #17

Hello everyone!

New week!


Week #16
Week #16

Quite a few things happened last week. I was home both Monday and Tuesday so I wrote a letter to my pen-pal Risca, sending her a birthday gift. I did that on Tuesday… The stamp costs was higher than the present itself!  :shoked: Then I went to the mall (always on Tuesday) but guess what? I didn’t buy any book!  :zomg: Yeah, I can’t believe it either… Maybe because the book that I’m reading isn’t that good… As you know I promised myself to read 2 chapters or 50 pages a day but I really can’t with this one… it is too slow, :sleep:  narration doesn’t pick up and we’re always at the same point (and I’m on page 192). I mean, one murder in 200 pages? Okay there were three more before the book started but what kind of serial killer doesn’t kill more than once in 200 pages? and I still have 100… will he kill someone else in those few pages? So now I don’t know whether to buy the other books of the series or not…  :neutral:

On Tuesday there was a transportation strike so I couldn’t go to work but guess what? They cancelled it on Monday at 10 pm! :mad:   :mad:   :mad:   :mad:  So they made me loose five hours of work, my boss had to call for a substitute for nothing and to make up for the lost hours I have to work tomorrow. :mad:   :mad:  I hate when they create distress like that (and luckily I don’t live in Rome… Last Friday was hell because a local strike!)  :angry:  :annoyed:

Anyway, I started on postcrossing again :smilie: , sent two postcards on Thursday and one of them arrived in Germany on Saturday… :wink:   :yes:  Two days only! :yes:  I couldn’t believe it! And I used a € 0.10 stamp… when usually it’s more than € 1.00. I found this trick on postcrossing forum  :pirat:

Then I was in the store yesterday and about 7pm a strong wind started and we keep the door open but I couldn’t because the wind was knocking down everything… and then it started to hail… you had to see all the people running to get cover! in about 2 minutes no one was around… so much rain!  :shoked:  :shoked:

Week #17: Apr 20 - Apr 26
Week #17: Apr 20 – Apr 26

Next week I’m working 6 days instead of 4. April 25 is a holiday but we’re open on holidays (except for Christmas Day, St. Stephan’s Day, Easter Day and Easter Monday) so I have to work that day. I also have a dinner that evening. And I need to remember to send 6 postcards tomorrow  :yes: :cool:

Long post! Till next week!


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