Week #7

So my week was kinda nice :cool: . I had a snow day on Thursday :shoked: (yes it snowed) and I’ve accomplished pretty much everything. Here it is my finished week (of course I still have to mark off the planner post since I still haven’t written it…

Week #6

Obviously I’ve already decorated next week which seems a little less busy so here is is without anything written:

Week #7: Feb 9 -> Feb 15
Week #7: Feb 9 -> Feb 15

and with everything I planned to do until now.

Week #7: Feb 9 -> Feb 15
Week #7: Feb 9 -> Feb 15

As you see, I’m starting to watch more tv shows again. Don’t know if I’ll keep up this schedule though… First of all, it depends on the storylines and then on my free time.

Yes, TVD drew me back in, without watching season 5 and the beginning of season 6 (I’m clearly not up to watch Damon suffer over again, I’ve watched 4 season of that, two more is just enough – not that it won’t change again, i know…). And I’m back reading fanfictions.

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