Week #8

Another week went by. This past week I learned something at work, read a lot of pages of my books especially last Monday and I found out that Game of Thrones is far ahead of the books I’m reading so the tv show spoiled out everything… I’m angry  :angry:   :angry:   :angry: I didn’t know that! I thought that last season was book #4 but it was book #4 and 5! Yep, not going to watch the tv show until I’m finished with the books. But it is my fault because I wanted to wait for these damn translators and publishers to publish the same edition that I already had… 

Oh well here my week:

Week #7
Week #7

Oh yeah, I’m recuperating Castle… Maybe today I’ll keep doing that. Anyway, here week #8. I don’t have a lot to do, just work, work, work  :yes: So there it is my post, not else to say…

Week #7: Feb 16 -> Feb 22
Week #7: Feb 16 -> Feb 22

I’ve planned my next week posts and you can have a glimpse from the photo  :wink:

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