Wer nicht hören will, muss sterben

Ascolta o Muori
Wer nicht hören will, muss sterben

, Book # 2
May 20, 2017 May 25, 2017

A macabre surprise awaits Georg Stadler, head of the Homicides in Düsseldorf, as he opens the mail on his desk: from a strange padded envelope, without sender, a nylon envelope comes out containing two severed human fingers. And if they belonged to another victim of the ferocious serial killer on which Stadler has been investigating for months?
The inspector still has in his eyes the chilling images of the bodies of two boys and a girl in their early twenties, horribly mutilated. In each one of their throat the killer stuck a newspaper cutout with proverbs with disturbing allusions "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". Stadler understands that the killer is challenging him, and there is only one person able to help him, a person who, like no other, succeeds in penetrating criminal minds: Elisabeth Montario, the brilliant psychologist who had made a decisive turning point in the "Ripper" investigations a year before. And whose troubled charm had put strain on Stadler's professional ethics ... Liz, who now lives and works in Liverpool, is hardly the type to hold back and while the killer's thirst for blood is growing by the hour, she and Stadler will meet again side by side in a ruthless manhunt.

About the Book

Unfortunately there’s no English translation for this German book. The Italian title is Ascolta o Muori. The author is Sabine Klewe but wrote this series as Karen Sander.

:!: This is the second book in the Stadler and Montario Series so if you want to read this book, please read the first one before. There are some reference to the first book (for example who the killer is) so I suggest to read them in order.

The first think I want to say is that this book has short chapters. I find that I read more pages when there are small chapters, I don’t know why, maybe because when I finish a chapter I say “one more, they’s only a few pages” and I go on saying this to myself for a few more chapters.

I really liked the first book of the series, the premises were quite good so I wanted to read more of this author, but I was a little disappointed. There is a case in England since Liz Montario, a German psychologist, lives there and one in Germany, but the one in Germany is actually two cases. I think it’s too confusing and it doesn’t give each case a proper development especially the one in England which is quite interesting. I think the author could have easily written three books with these cases. There aren’t a lot of details except for the “main” case, for example how could the police find the “Amsterdam” kidnapper? I know that the three cases are more or less combined but not really…

Then the “romance” aspect in this book is quite boring. Birgit in love with Miguel who has eyes for Zoe and Stadler has a crush for Liz who is in a relationship with an English doctor who is pretty much useless for the story.

I don’t like that Stadler keeps doubting himself, I find it preposterous and annoying.
Sometimes Liz’s ideas come from nothing, like the one about the fingers Stadler is receiving. Its correct at the end but how did she find out? They didn’t even have a DNA test to find if the two fingers were from the same person and Liz comes out with that idea? (which I won’t say, to not give too many spoilers).

To sum it up, no I didn’t really like this book and it’s a pity because I had high expectation from this author. Will I read the next book? Yes probably but I’m not going to race, I will read other authors first.

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