What to do with this website?

So you may probably have seen that I haven’t been posting new book reviews. I think I burned out. I’m still reading but completed only half of my challenges because reading only for challenges isn’t funny anymore. I still keep track of the books I read, I still keep track of the challenge those books are part of but I’m not updating everything (and maybe I had too many things to update). If I don’t write reviews I can’t updates my categories here so that’s why you won’t see any difference and writing review in two languages is so tiring. Moreover next year I will have my own business to look after so less time to read and even less time to write reviews that make sense (I still write mini reviews on my Notion book diary but I don’t have to check the Italian when I write there or the spelling).

So I’m thinking on posting only what I read to have a continuation without maxi review, because I like this website, what I’ve done in 10+ years of it being online even though it was basically a graphic site back then.

Will I be part of challenges in 2023? I don’t know. The Goodreads one, yes. But I don’t know about the others. I haven’t even posted the links to the reviews I did on the wrap up pages of any challenges so forfaiting any possible giveaway. So we will see that I can do next year.

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